Room Covers was founded by two friends who wanted to unify the creators and listeners of cover songs, karaoke and original songs worldwide.

The phenomenon of publishing music covers on YouTube and other video sites has seen an exponential growth during the past years; cover artists publish their covers and musical efforts online and, in successful scenarios, manage to gather a dedicated audience. These video sites, however, are enormous communities divided into “video neighborhoods” and unintentionally landing in an irrelevant neighborhood, while searching or browsing for music covers, is easy to accomplish; we have all managed to get ourselves into a “how did I manage to get myself in this part of YouTube again?” kind of situation at one point or another in our lives. These neighborhoods can sometimes transform into labyrinths — and cover artists can often get lost in them and shy away from the limelight.
Room Covers was created for this purpose exactly; we don’t want you straying away unintentionally to irrelevant videos while searching for music covers and we want the cover artists to have their efforts recognized as efficiently as possible and shine — bright, like a diamond! Pun intended.

There are no restrictions in Room Covers in terms of talent, music genres or instruments. We encourage all efforts regardless of the musical expertise each person might possess — music is, after all, universal and limitless!

We enjoy discovering new music covers as well as new cover artists. We share the same passion for music as you do. In fact, the founders and a majority of the team are hobbyist musicians, just like you. As such, we invite you in our efforts to shape this community into the ultimate place to be for cover artists and their fans.

Much love,

the Room Covers team.

Get uncovered. Be discovered.